Executive Summary

In the dynamic landscape of startups, Proof of Concepts (POCs) serves as a pivotal phase for testing viability and gaining market traction. However, when the time comes to transition from experimentation to a fully operational solution, the need for a scalable, secure, and regulatory-compliant infrastructure becomes paramount. NOVA Cloud helped Predictive Healthcare in leveraging AWS expertise to establish a robust footprint aligned with AWS best practices. We seamlessly ported the POC to enterprise-grade architecture to achieve operational excellence and adherence to regulatory compliance.

Customer Needs

Predictive Healthcare embarked on the development of a serverless patient monitoring portal, successfully executing a Proof of Concept (POC) to validate the functionality. However, as they prepared to transition from POC to a live environment, critical needs emerged. Ensuring compliance with the rigorous standards of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) became imperative. Additionally, their development team sought a robust, scalable, and reliable infrastructure to support the portal’s operations seamlessly. These requirements underscored the necessity for a strategic partner adept at aligning AWS best practices with regulatory standards — a role that NOVA Cloud seamlessly fulfilled.

Predictive Healthcare strategically chose the AWS Cloud platform for its solution, recognizing the unparalleled advantages it offers in terms of scalability, flexibility, and robustness. AWS’s vast array of services and global infrastructure ensures that their application can seamlessly scale with growing demands while maintaining optimal performance. The extensive compliance certifications of AWS, including HIPAA, were also pivotal factors, assuring our client of a secure and regulatory compliant environment.

“We were pleased with NOVA Cloud’s help on this project. We learned about the agency through a referral and were impressed by its excellent reputation. NOVA Cloud’s efficiency and experience shone through as it efficiently handled the setup and support for our new AWS deployment. Nova Cloud’s expert team completed the deployment without issues. We highly recommend the agency’s services.”

– Founder & CEO Predictive Healthcare

Why did Predictive Healthcare choose NOVA Cloud?

Predictive Healthcare engaged with NOVA Cloud because of its unique qualifications and proven expertise in navigating complex challenges within the healthcare IT landscape. NOVA Cloud’s track record in implementing enterprise grade solutions on AWS, coupled with a deep understanding of regulatory requirements such as HIPAA compliance, made them the ideal partner for Predictive Healthcare’s ambitious project.

About Predictive Healthcare

Predictive Healthcare is an American Startup founded by a serial entrepreneur who is revolutionizing postoperative care with AI.

Company Overview

The company’s flagship product, MyHealthPal, is a device-less remote patient monitoring platform that provides real-time surveillance of surgical incisions to detect early signs of infection.

This proactive approach enables physicians to take prompt action, preventing SSIs from worsening and reducing the need for hospitalization.


With its commitment to improving patient outcomes and reducing healthcare costs, Predictive Healthcare is at the forefront of the AI revolution in healthcare.

AWS Services Used

  1. Cloud Formation
  2. Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
  3. ECS Fargate
  4. Application Load Balancers (ALB)
  5. API Gateway
  6. Code Pipeline
  7. Code Build
  8. Amazon Cognito
  9. Secrets Manager
  10. Elastic Container Registry (ECR)
  11. Relational Database Service (RDS)
  12. Simple Storage Service (S3)
  13. Transit Gateway
  14. Route 53
  15. CloudWatch
  16. Bastion Host
  17. Simple Notification Service(SNS)
  18. Simple Email Service (SES)

NOVA Cloud Solution

NOVA Cloud team utilized Infrastructure as Code (IAC) principles to architect meticulously designed environments. This transformative approach not only elevated the Proof of Concept (POC) but also laid the groundwork for an enterprise-grade solution. Prioritizing security and regulatory compliance, NOVA implemented robust tools and policies, ensuring stringent adherence to industry standards. The seamless migration of the workload to ECS Fargate optimized performance for both web and mobile applications. Additionally, the implementation of an AWS Cognito user pool established a secure and efficient authentication mechanism for the portal, further fortified by verification via SES.

Disclaimer: Kindly note that the infrastructure details presented in this case study may differ from the exact implementation of our client’s environment to maintain confidentiality and privacy.

Results & Benefits

Predictive Healthcare’s MyHealthPal has achieved a significant milestone in the rapidly changing healthcare industry by starting patient trials in collaboration with the Global Smiles Foundation.

Patient Compliance Rate85%
Forecast Accuracy Rate80%

Celebrating our client’s success is a shared joy for NOVA Cloud since it represents more than just a professional accomplishment in improving healthcare outcomes. This accomplishment encourages us and strengthens our commitment to leading healthcare innovations via clever cooperation and innovative solutions.

What’s Next

Predictive Healthcare continues to leverage its relationship with NOVA Cloud as its strategic infrastructure partner to support further advancements. Building on the success of MyHealthPal, the next steps include scaling the platform to accommodate a larger patient base and expanding its feature set to incorporate more advanced predictive analytics. Our collaborative efforts will also focus on integrating AI-driven insights to personalize patient care and improve treatment outcomes.

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